BBL Turkey Antalya

BBL Turkey Antalya: The attractive BBL OP in Turkey for a new chapter in life!

A well-formed, firm bottom is part of the ideal of beauty and is considered a feature of exceptional attractiveness, which you can easily achieve with a BBL.

Brazilian Butt Lift - Explanation

Feminine aesthetics are defined by aspects that people around the world perceive as beautiful. This feature includes a round, tight buttocks. You can have big buttocks with ideal proportions yourself.

You may struggle with a strict diet or invest time in exercise to shape your buttocks. Unfortunately, neither method is a guarantee for a well-formed, perfectly round bottom.

You can simply have your buttocks operated on in the sense of your ideal. During a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey, a professional surgeon shapes your butt using a customized method.

The staff at the clinic abroad organizes all processes for your benefit. You are entitled to comprehensive advice, individual treatment and first-class care. You can get the “all-round package” even on a small budget.

bbl türkei antalya

Reasons for a BBL Turkey Antalya

Those affected often opt for the Brazilian Butt Lift after arduous attempts to get their buttocks in shape through exercise and a healthy diet. These attempts often fail due to genetic predisposition.

If you don’t have a big, round butt in your genetic makeup, you won’t get the butt you want without doing anything. You don’t have to fret about this situation, help is available.

A BBL Turkey Antalya will bring you the buttocks you aspire to. You can tighten your buttocks through exercise, but most women in Europe don’t achieve the typical “Brazilian butt” through muscle training.

When you diet, you lose weight, which causes stretched skin to sag, at least when you lose a lot of weight. Due to an unbalanced diet, muscle mass also disappears and your bottom flattens out. Here a BBL saves you.

bbl türkei antalya

BBL in Turkey is worth it

If you want to undergo cosmetic surgery, you look for providers in UK, USA and Australia because of the short distance to the clinic. Unfortunately, aesthetic procedures here cost a lot of money, too much for some patients.

The cost of the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is a fraction of the Europe price. Clinics abroad base their pricing on your needs and the means of payment you have available.

Even low-income patients can afford the BBL and attend the surgery appointment in Turkey. You can clarify your concerns with the staff at any time.

Renowned beauty clinics in Turkey employ dedicated teams of doctors with experienced surgeons who focus on your well-being. The doctors prioritize an affordable and high-quality BBL as well as your holistic satisfaction.

bbl türkei antalya
bbl türkei antalya

Brazilian BBL Turkey Antalya - Surgical Methods

One surgical method for BBL is the injection of autologous fat, which the surgeon sucks out of other parts of the body (liposuction). The staff prepares the fat in a sterile manner and uses it to remodel your buttocks.

This method only works if you have enough autologous fat. If this is not the case, you don’t have to do without your attractive silhouette. The surgeons then have another option.

Slim women with little fat on the body, surgeons in Turkey offer the use of implants. You can choose from different sized implants to give your buttocks the ideal proportion.

Based on your individual physical requirements, your doctor will decide which of the options mentioned will work for you and result in your perfect bottom. You can trust the doctor’s decision with a clear conscience.

Lasting results

Patients usually do not make the decision for plastic surgery in Turkey spontaneously and consider whether the procedure is worthwhile. After all, patients want to be able to enjoy the results for as long as possible.

Autologous fat injections and implants have different effects on the durability of the results due to the nature of the materials. About 60 to 80 percent of the injected autologous fat grows together with the surrounding tissue.

You hardly notice the tissue outsourcing because of the small proportion. In addition, the process does not happen overnight, but over a long period of time. You probably won’t even notice the change.

Implants get the new bottom shape permanently. Your body doesn’t break down the plastic elements, so implants are constantly shaping your buttocks. Your doctor will decide whether this method is right for you.

bbl türkei antalya
bbl türkei antalya

Risks of the Brazilian Butt Lift

However, like any cosmetic procedure, a Brazilian butt lift can involve risks and complications. After liposuction, the affected area may swell and bruises may form.

Such symptoms subsided after a few weeks. Possible wound healing disorders, postoperative bleeding and infections name the risks during an operation. A well-trained team of doctors knows the risks and takes precautions through hygiene.

In rare cases, the tissue around the implants hardens. Doctors speak of a “capsular fibrosis”. Capsular fibrosis that is detected early is treated competently and quickly by trained doctors and prevents the condition from getting worse.

Course of the operation

Depending on the method chosen by the doctor, the surgeon operates in different ways. Buttocks augmentation with autologous fat begins with liposuction to obtain the material for modelling.

The surgeon injects your own fat, which has been processed under hygienic conditions, into the right places in your buttocks in order to work out the new shape in a targeted manner. The injection allows an accurate shaping of individual areas.

To insert implants, the surgeon cuts along your buttock crease. The surgeon inserts the implants through the incision and achieves an aesthetic shape according to your wishes through exact positioning.

The doctor closes the incision with fine cosmetic sutures. Cosmetic sutures are invisible and do not need to be removed. To support wound healing, the doctor stabilizes the seams with special plasters.

bbl türkei antalya

After buttock augmentation

In most cases, specialist surgeons operate abroad without complications. The procedure still puts a strain on your body and you should take it easy to speed up and support healing.

After the Brazilian butt lift, you will need to wear compression garments for around four to six weeks to support your connective tissue and stimulate healing. You can quickly resume your work.

You can do light office work just three to five days after the operation. Avoid strenuous physical exercise, such as sports. This also applies when you are feeling well.

You can only do heavy physical work again after about two weeks. Give up sports. You may start sporting activities again at the earliest four weeks after the Brazilian butt lift.

BBL Turkey - Cost

For a proper operation you have to dig deep into your pocket in Germany. If you cannot or do not want to invest a lot of money in the BBL, clinics in Turkey will help.

Health insurance companies rarely pay for the services of plastic surgery, so the request is not worthwhile because of the effort involved. The support of the health insurance is also not necessary, because operations abroad cost little.

The costs of the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey differ between individual clinics and are drastically lower than the prices for cosmetic surgeries in Germany. Foreign clinics offer good and cheap services.

The doctor will explain the exact price of the operation to you during the preliminary consultation. Your contact person breaks down all items on the bill, such as accommodation and supplies. There are no follow-up costs.

How do Turkish plastic surgeons perform the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Our co-operating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey carry out the procedures for autologous fat injection and implant treatment of the buttocks with routine and special care. It goes without saying that the European hygiene standards are fully complied with in the course of the operations.


With the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon models and enlarges your buttocks surgically, through injections of your own fat or the use of implants.

An optimal price-performance ratio. Trained specialist surgeons operate on you with expertise and at low prices. You get first-class service for a small budget.

BBL is useful for women who do not naturally have a tight, round buttocks or who do not achieve the desired result through sport.

A BBL is low-risk. Every operation has individual sources of danger, but experienced doctors classify the Brazilian butt lift as low-risk.

Clinics calculate individual prices for a BBL. You pay significantly less money for an operation abroad.

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